Gait Analysis

About Gait Analysis

The Gait Analysis Treadmill provides extremely accurate information on step, stride and reach, giving systemic evaluation of gait. We offer detailed assessment of limb placement, off loading and any restriction in movement, enabling our specialist Chartered Physiotherapists to identify and target specific gait abnormalities that will inform treatment plans and give you precise information on your clients’ condition. It will also be invaluable in monitoring progress throughout treatment.

The GAIT4DOG Treadmill

The GAIT4DOG treadmill provides a practical solution to the systematic evaluation of lameness in both clinical and research settings. The treadmill collects a number of gait cycles per session to assess:

  • Limb placement
  •  Offloading
  • Restriction in movement.
Calculated variables include:
  • Velocity
  • Stance time
  • Swing time
  • Stance distance
  • Total pressure.

All cycles are video recorded enabling the therapist to eliminate cycles where the dog has moved out of the correct position, is ‘riding’ the treadmill or where the dog has become distracted. A minimum of three walks are selected from the data to obtain a representative set of data and enable a gait score to be given.