About Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can be used as a part of physiotherapy treatment. The use of the pool enables the physiotherapist to make further assessments of your pets’ condition, taking advantage of the physical properties of water, such as temperature, pressure and resistance.
The physiotherapist will create an individualised, detailed hydrotherapy plan to help your your pets’ condition. Hydrotherapy can be helpful in managing long term chronic conditions such as arthritis, post operative rehabilitation and general health and well being of your pet.

We have specific guidelines for owners that you can read below, alternatively you can download here. We kindly ask that you please download the guidelines by clicking here, print, sign and bring to your appointment.

Water Management:

The pool at FootFalls is kept at a constant 29 – 30 degrees, ensuring a warm, relaxing experience for your pet. It is tested a minimum of three times daily and the chemical balance is kept within strict CanineHydrotherapy Association guidelines, ensuring the safety of your pet and cleanliness of the water. The water is also tested independently every quarter by an environmental company to ensure the water remains free of any harmful bacteria.

Animal Hydrotherapy

Most dogs enjoy swimming, even animals that don’t will find the warmth of the water and hands on therapy provided at FootFalls a positive experience. All animals are provided with an appropriate harness to aid their swim and no dog is in the pool without a physiotherapist beside them. Even swimming for fun is a serious matter!

FootFalls uses a pod system in the pool to provide a resting platform for your pet. These also allow the physiotherapist to manually perform range of movement exercises and massage within the water.

Even entry to the pool can be part of the therapeutic plan. The use of the ramp gives the physiotherapist the opportunity to observe your dog as it walks both up and down a gentle slope.

Pets are showered following their session and towel dried. In the colder months it is advisable to bring a coat for your dog post swim, warm muscles need to be kept warm.

Guidelines For Owners

We ask that you please download the following guidelines by clicking here, print, sign and bring to your appointment.

  • Pets must be kept on lead at all times in the clinic unless instructed by the Physio.
  • If your pet is undergoing hydrotherapy treatment please ensure that they have had an opportunity to toilet before the session. Outside facilities are available at the clinic.
  • Please DO NOT FEED your pet for 2hours before or after a swim. Feeding your pet during these times increases the risk of BLOAT. This condition is potentially life threatening.
  • Fouling of the hydrotherapy pool results in contamination of the water and a fee of £60.00 will be charged towards cleaning, professional bacterial testing, loss of income and decontamination of the pool.
  • Each session must be paid for on the day.
  • 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. We reserve the right to charge the full cost of the appointment.
  • Treatment appointment slots are 30minutes if you are late for your appointment treatment may be shortened or not given. The cost of the appointment will still be charged.
  • Please note you may get wet during the session – waterproof trousers for owners are supplied by the clinic if required.
  • Dogs need to have a coat post session. We sell ComfortZone coats if required.
  • Please inform the Physio if your pet has any specific dietary requirements. We do provide treats for the dog during the session, if your dog has a specific preference for a treat, please bring these with you.
  • Any dog that shows aggression towards the therapist or staff may require the use of a basket muzzle. This will be discussed and agreed with you.