My black Lab ‘Barney’ is nearly 12 years old and inevitably is beginning to have issues with his joints. Our Vet referred us to ‘Footfalls Canine Physio’ for hydrotherapy and the improvement has been even more than we could have hoped for! He now chases the ball like he did years ago (no exaggeration) and you can see from his whole demeanour how much more comfortable and happy he is in himself (which in turn makes us very happy)!  The other plus is Barney loves swimming, so he can’t wait to get in the pool and swim for his ball!

I really cannot recommend Kate and the team at ‘Footfalls’ highly enough. I am so glad our Vet was ‘enlightened’ enough to see the real value of referring Barney for this type of treatment and, for recommending someone who clearly understands dogs and their needs.

Sue and Barney